Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my school's results to

There are two ways of doing this:
Firstly, you can download the results sheets for each respective sport by clicking on submit on the main menu, complete the sheet, and either fax it to 086 640 3351 or email it to
Secondly, an online results capturing feature is currently being developed, which will allow schools to capture their results and individual player statistics online! A security feature will be included in order to verify the source of the information.

Why do I see a school's name in the list, but there are no individual player's statistics for that school?

This occurs because all school sports results are entered on free of charge, but the capturing of individual player achievements and statistics is a paid service. A school has to join for the player stats to be displayed.

How will my school benefit from joining provides the youth with a vehicle for displaying their perfomances, and the schools for displaying their sporting prowess to prospective parents and possible future enrolments. Current and past pupils, current and past parents will have greater access to performances and get a good idea where the school stands with regard to sport. This could be used as a marketing tool in attracting the right kind of child to an establishment.

By continuing to be member with schools will build their sporting history online and all the statistics will be kept in one safe place - with us! All sportsand individual player's results will be visible to anyone right here. Anyone will be able to browse results in years to come and settle any friendly disputes over scores or statistics!

Why wait when history is being created right at this very moment at your school?

Join now!