About SchoolSports

SchoolSports provides the youth with a vehicle for displaying their perfomances, and this can be used as a great motivational tool. The youth strive for recognition whether it be in the classroom, on the sportsfields, or with their peers. This initiative hopes to encourage our future leaders to participate in constructive competition and positive behaviour by distancing themselves from the destruction of drugs and promiscuity, but embracing the life-affirming qualities in all sports.

It is possible for a young sport person to build their complete sporting resume at SchoolSports by having all their sport achievements captured on on our website from Primary school level until they complete their school education. This can be used when applying for sports bursaries, entries into top sports schools or when furthering their sports career after school.

SchoolSports is the definitive South African school sport results webpage, containing up-to-date sports information, statistics and 'top-of-the-log' forthcoming weekend fixtures.

Browse this web for results of individual schools or scoring statistics of the players.

Results captured are only for the top teams in each age group (i.e. U16A, U15A etc.) in each of the sports, or in the case of Athletics and Swimming the A-League results.